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How to Benefit Spiritually in the Holy Pascha Week

1. Our Behavior Inside and Outside of Church
It is very noticeable that many people during Pascha Week are one thing inside church and completely different outside. In side church, black curtains, somber hymns, solemn readings, and concentrating on the suffering of Christ. Outside of church, we often laugh, joke around, socialize, think and talk about many worldly issues. We lose all the spiritual depth that we gained inside church. Let us concentrate our thoughts, conversations, and meditations around the events of this holy week and the Passion of our Savior.

2. Retreat
During our regular fasting days, we pt the words of the bible before us, “Consecrate a fast, call a sacred assembly.” (Joel 1:14). How much more then should we apply this commandment during Holy Week? This week should be characterized by solitude and retreat with God,

Written by HH Pope Shenouda III  .


The Nativity Fast

 The Nativity The Nativity of Christ on Kiahk 29, January 7: It is preceded by a fast of 43 days. The fast starts on the 16th of Hatour till the 29th of Kiahk, (i.e. 25th of November till the 7th of January).

This Nativity fast period that many call Advent which means “coming”, it is that period of time when we find ourselves waiting for the coming of Jesus Christ.

Christians used to celebrate the birth of Christ once every 33 years, up to the 4th century. Then the fast was practiced every year, for 40 days, and then celebrated

Written by Saint George.